Our Mission

Spirit of Travel believes that the world is a never-ending source of fascination and inspiration that everyone should take advantage of and see as much of as possible. People, food, culture, geography and history just the innate curiosity of what is around the next corner or over the next hill is what drives us.

We want to share this love of adventure and curiosity to learn about our planet with like-minded you. Our mission is to make everything exciting by going above and beyond expectations. We want you to say “wow” at the end of every trip. We believe that every trip should be fantastic, but we should always learn what we can do better next time to continue ensuring the optimum travel experience.

Our purpose is to share our world and experiences with people of all different backgrounds and life stories. We want to help those who want adventure and exploration in their lives through organised, guided travel.

Above all, we want to have fun every day doing what we love.

Why Spirit of Travel.

Designed around the School Year

Travel dates specifically chosen for educators who have restricted holiday time.

Experienced and Local guides

Let us be your guides – a mix of both experienced travellers and local residents ready to show you hidden secrets and local gems.

Exploration, relaxation and everything in-between

Your itinerary is filled with a bit of everything, meaning you come back fully restored but completely exhilarated. 

Small Groups – flexible experiences

Group size is small, meaning we can tailor the trip to include options for everyone.

Upcoming Trips

New Zealand

September 2019

New Zealand is known for so much more than the home of Peter Jackson’s films – it is a place rich with tradition, natural wonders and amazing scenery. Let us guide you through some of New Zealands most amazing locations and experiences.

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Sri Lanka


From the stunning beaches of the south to the cool climate of the central tea and spice growing regions, and on to the cultural diversity of the North, Sri Lanka holds excitement and fascination for all adventurous travellers.

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