About Us

We have travelled the world together for 30 years and we just love it. It’s a never-ending quest and we want to share our passion with like-minded people. We have covered all continents except Antarctica, which is on the bucket list, and around 60 countries, but still know there is a virtually infinite number of adventures still to have. With Rochelle having been in the education sector for 20 years, 15 of which have been at the coal face in front of children, we know the difficulty of arranging holidays around school terms. Our commitment to you is to build and operate tours that give the adventure and excitement you are looking for and that tie into your extremely busy lives. David’s 35 years in business have taught him what it takes to put together smooth, well organised and unique itineraries that satisfy your wanderlust and suit your budget.

Come and share our adventures and get into the spirit.


Hi I am Rochelle.

I am a teacher with a travel addiction. For over two decades I have had to fit my trips around school holidays, and I know just how difficult that can be. I love my classes, but I also love getting that break to explore and to refresh. Surprisingly, haggling in a crowded market in Istanbul can be just the tonic after managing 30 5-year olds all year. Settling into a good book by the pool in Sri Lanka is a sure-fire cure for working to midnight on Sunday to get the mid-year reports out. I have been to over 50 countries, slept on a mountain top in Egypt, on a roof in Israel and more buses and airplanes than I care to remember.

I would love to share my experience and help you with your travels.


Hi I’m David and I am married to Rochelle.

Our biggest shared passion is travel and although I am not a teacher, I know what it is like to have to arrange your holidays around school. It can be frustrating. My background is business, finance and leadership, having been a Finance Director for many years and even lead one company as Managing Director. I have travelled extensively for work and pleasure to every inhabited continent and at last count was only 1 country behind Rochelle. I have done it with a backpack, and I have travelled 5 star, as well as everything in between. I want to bring my organisational and travel experience to you. To craft and lead inspirational tours for you is my goal.

I would love you to join us.

Why Spirit of Travel.

Designed around the School Year

Travel dates specifically chosen for educators who have restricted holiday time.

Experienced and Local guides

Let us be your guides – a mix of both experienced travellers and local residents ready to show you hidden secrets and local gems.

Exploration, relaxation and everything in-between

Your itinerary is filled with a bit of everything, meaning you come back fully restored but completely exhilarated. 

Small Groups – flexible experiences

Group size is small, meaning we can tailor the trip to include options for everyone.

Upcoming Trips

New Zealand

September 2019

New Zealand is known for so much more than the home of Peter Jackson’s films – it is a place rich with tradition, natural wonders and amazing scenery. Let us guide you through some of New Zealands most amazing locations and experiences.

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Sri Lanka


From the stunning beaches of the south to the cool climate of the central tea and spice growing regions, and on to the cultural diversity of the North, Sri Lanka holds excitement and fascination for all adventurous travellers.

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