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We offer group travel experiences for those looking for a unique and rich holiday that has a suitable mix of adventure and down time.

Unique Group Travel Experiences

Often when you go on holidays – you miss the big ticket item – having a holiday. In between visiting essential tourist hot spots, rushing around to find food, planning tickets and travel, check in times, budgets, phone chargers, hotel check-ins (the list goes on) it can sometimes seem like you’ve come home less recharged than when you left.

But what if you were able to go on an amazing experience that left you completely restored. One that was planned completely but with room for deviations and individualised activities; where you are shown around by locals that take you deep into culture and traditions. A trip that is bursting with learning and amazing scenery. And good company.

We created Spirit of Travel to do just that. As teachers and travellers – we wanted to create unique group holiday packages that gave everyone more to come home with. Our packages are unique and rich with experiences and offer various options and a suitable mix of adventure and down time.

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Sri Lankan tour
Sri Lankan tour

Travel times in the school holiday periods

When you are part of the education sector, holiday times are limited and often paired with elevated prices when it comes to travel. This means that so many teachers, educators and other members of the industry can feel limited when it comes to unique traveling experiences and destinations.

As teachers and travellers ourselves – we wanted to create group holiday packages that fit into the school holiday calendar; packages that were not only unique and rich with experiences, but offered various options and a suitable mix of adventure and down time, guaranteeing teachers a much-deserved rest before commencing the next term.

Explore our upcoming trips and book for our next trip.

Why Spirit of Travel.

Designed around the School Year

Travel dates specifically chosen for educators who have restricted holiday time –  but everyone is welcome (teacher or not). 

Experienced and Local guides

Let us be your guides – a mix of both experienced travellers and local residents ready to show you hidden secrets and local gems.

Exploration, relaxation and everything in-between

Your itinerary is filled with a bit of everything, meaning you come back fully restored but completely exhilarated. 

Small Groups – flexible experiences

Group size is small, meaning we can tailor the trip to include options for everyone.

About Us

Spirit of Travel was created by Rochelle and David to offer group travel that was rich with experience, learning and relaxation. With over 30 years of travelling the world together, they’re on a never-ending quest to share their passion of travel, good company and adventure with like-minded people.

Together, Rochelle and Dave have covered all continents (except for Antarctica which is next on the list). Having visited 60 countries, their adventure is far from over with an infinite amount of adventures to go.

More about Us

We want to share our passion and help satisfy your wanderlust by creating experiences filled with adventure and excitement.

Upcoming Trips

New Zealand

September 2019

New Zealand is known for so much more than the home of Peter Jackson’s films – it is a place rich with tradition, natural wonders and amazing scenery. Let us guide you through some of New Zealands most amazing locations and experiences.

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Sri Lanka


From the stunning beaches of the south to the cool climate of the central tea and spice growing regions, and on to the cultural diversity of the North, Sri Lanka holds excitement and fascination for all adventurous travellers.

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